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Wax Removal

What we're About...


The Element of Touch is redefining what it means to “touch." 

We don’t want to just touch your hands, feet, or skin…but also what’s within!


           We start by calling our services “treatments.” Why? Because we deal with our clients in a customized way. No two treatments are the same. Our manicures and pedicures are called hand and foot treatments and our waxing services are called hair removals. We even call our technicians “therapists!” And once you’ve had a few treatments, you’ll understand why we do it this way. 


Creating an experience is what sets us apart!  We do this by offering an enjoyable environment where the technicians, equipment, and supplies stay up to date so that we can provide the most current techniques and instill the greatest level of confidence to our clients.


We pride ourselves on using the most advanced products in order to bring about a lifestyle change to our clients to ensure long-lasting results. Our handmade products use high quality raw butters and essential oils. Our hand-selected and quality-tested professional footcare products are sure to provide the intended results as long as our clients are willing to do the work.   We bring expertise and unmatched education within our business which, in turn, is passed down to our clients and positions us amongst the leaders in our industry.

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